Professor in psychology at the University for Applied Science in Munich, Germany. Has published 7 books within the field of how traumas affect human beings. Internationally renowned speaker, lecturer and author. Founder of Identity oriented Psycho Trauma Theorey and Therapy – IoPT.


"Trauma cannot be consciously overcome as long as the survival strategies continue to hang onto the illusion that it is not necessary to deal with the traumatized past"

Prof Rupperts books, listed below, have been published internationally in a number of languages.

  • Early Trauma
  • Trauma, Fear and Love
  • Symbiosis & Autonomy
  • Splits in the Soul
  • Trauma, bonding and Familyconstellations
  • To be published 2018: My Body, my Trauma and I – Constellating Intentions and stepping our from our trauma biography

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